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Don’t trust the first boy that tells you he loves you when you’re having a hard time loving yourself. He can kiss your scars and compliment your insecurities but you only have yourself at 3 in the morning when he tells you he doesn’t love you and never did.

Pick yourself up out of your sadness, crying over worthless boys whose names you’ll have trouble recalling in a few years doesn’t help anything. You were beautiful before him. You were beautiful with him. And you’re still beautiful, even without him.

Fall for the boy you liked before your ‘first love’. He’ll flirt thoughtlessly with you and show you that your first love never did anything special at all, you were simply stuck in the moment.

Remember how important you are, remember that there are people that will love you endlessly, not just at 2am when they’re lonely. But most of all, remember to never let a boys acceptance make you love yourself less.

12/09/14 (via incoloure)
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